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The idea that the Team Blau Group in Sri Lanka offers its experience and know-how was born at the CEO dinner in Colombo in 2019. In the course of an evaluation, it became clear that German knowledge is appreciated in Sri Lanka and that it can be of further benefit to Sri Lanka.

The engineering and IT knowledge was channelled into a first market channel when Mr. Blau was the speaker at the conference of the „Delegation of German Industry & Commerce in Sri Lanka (AHK – SRI LANKA)“ with the topic „Sun creates New Energy for Sri Lanka“.

In discussions with the participants and speakers interested in solar energy, the requirement for an SMA representative office in Sri Lanka emerged. This was then the first goal for the Team Blau Group: to become the official SMA partner in Sri Lanka. Still during the conference Karl Blau promised those present that he would realize this – today Team Blau is SMA Sunbelt Sri Lanka!

Team Blau’s partners include Bluesky Energy with the GreenRock salt water battery and ADS-TEC storage solutions in its portfolio. Thus Team Blau has solutions with excellent technology from small to large, from a few kWh to MWh dimension. German technicians design and lay out the systems, make the bids and accompany the implementation if desired. If you have a question about a problem, Team Blau will find an attractive solution.

Whether you want to supply your house with energy from the sun, charge your solar vehicle, invest in a rooftop power plant or supply your company with self-produced energy around the clock – the employees of Team Blau Group will show you the optimal solution for you.

Meanwhile Team Blau Group is also engaged in Vietnam (including Loas, Kambotcha and Thailand), the Maldives, India and some African countries and plans to establish local production facilities in the medium term due to the sustainability of its products and the employment situation in the region. Together with local partners, the development of production capacity in Sri Lanka and Vietnam is currently being considered.



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